Local Solutions, National Impact: Reimagining Healthcare

Check out this must-watch session from SXSW 2024 featuring Kristen Valdes, CEO & Founder of b.well, alongside industry trailblazers John Driscoll from Walgreens Boots Alliance, Michelle Davey from Wheel, and Rishi Sikka, from VillageMD.

  • Bipartisan support for consumerism is simplifying healthcare regulations like HIPAA, ushering in technological advancements.
  • AI solutions are revolutionizing patient experiences, easing administrative burdens, and enabling early preventative care.
  • Standardization efforts like FHIR are essential for advancing AI applications in healthcare, enabling interoperability and paving the way for a healthcare revolution.
  • The future of healthcare lies in personalized care, proactive interventions, and restoring relationships between patients and clinicians through technology.

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