Regulatory Mastery in Healthcare: Charting a Course for Interoperability

Discover the insights shared by Jill DeGraff at ViVE 2024, shedding light on the transformative journey towards consumer-centric healthcare.

Embark on a journey towards regulatory mastery in healthcare, guided by the insights shared in this captivating presentation. Watch now to start charting a course towards a future where interoperability, consumer-centricity, and transformative healthcare experiences converge.

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Session Highlights

Shift Towards Consumer-Centric Healthcare

Explore how regulatory milestones, such as HITAC recommendations and the ONC HTI-1 Final Rule, are driving a paradigm shift towards consumer-centric healthcare models.

Success Stories and Benefits

Dive into the success stories highlighted by DeGraff, showcasing administrative savings and enriched patient experiences resulting from proactive engagement with regulations.

Emerging Priorities

Uncover the emerging priority areas, with scheduling APIs taking center stage, underscoring the importance of infrastructure investment and consumer-centric approaches for organizations.

TEFCA and Regulatory Convergence

Understand the significance of proactive engagement with TEFCA and other regulatory mandates, emphasizing the critical need for cybersecurity, robust infrastructure, and alignment with consumer needs to facilitate seamless data exchange and personalized healthcare experiences.

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