b.well Case Study

Transforming Patient Experience with Seamless Access to Care

A major health system with 300+ locations in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. aimed to connect their disconnected healthcare services for more personalized patient experiences. However, they faced a significant obstacle: integrating vast amounts of data from various sources to create a unified and streamlined healthcare platform.


In Recognized Cost Savings for the Healthcare System


Urgent and Primary Care Appointments Booked in the First Year


Led by their Chief Digital Transformation Officer, the healthcare system sought out a partnership with b.well Connected Health to leverage their FHIR technology and customer-centric approach.

“We selected b.well Connected Health because of their advanced technology in interoperability and consumer experience platforms to help healthcare providers offer a more consumer-like experience to their patients.”

– Chief Digital Transformation Officer, Major Health System

To assist the healthcare system advancing progress on their hybrid care model, b.well first developed a dynamic navigation tool that enabled patients to schedule and manage appointment details based on what was convenient for them and their family, freeing up additional time for healthcare professionals and call centers to focus on other important tasks.

Building off of that success, b.well expanded the digital platform for the healthcare system, allowing its patients to access additional healthcare resources such as primary care, urgent care, and telehealth services via their devices.

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The dynamic platform created by b.well optimized efficiency, reduced costs, and empowered healthcare professionals to focus on delivering exceptional care. Patients embraced the convenience and booked 207,197 urgent and primary care appointments via the app within the first year of implementation, resulting in over $1.3M in recognized cost savings for the healthcare system.

Leveraging the latest interoperability has allowed this healthcare system to embark on a transformative journey to redefine how they care for patients. When looking to the future, this system plans to continue partnering with b.well Connected Health to extend the reach of its platform and continue pushing the boundaries of healthcare technology to facilitate the inclusion of family information, integrate wearable devices, tailor care journeys, and embrace creating a unified healthcare experience for all patients.

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