Gartner recognizes b.well as a sample digital front door vendor in “Hype Cycle for Healthcare Providers, 2022”

A recent report by Gartner® “Hype Cycle for Healthcare Providers, 2022”, highlights how Healthcare executives are searching for solutions that easily sync patient data to improve care team collaboration and close gaps. The report identifies categories stated to “significantly change and improve healthcare providers” and places them along the Hype Cycle. One of the thirty-four categories listed is digital front door (DFD), where Gartner names b.well as a sample vendor. Stated to be a category with “transformational” benefits, b.well is thrilled to be recognized for our digital front door solution– one component of our Connected Health platform.

Digital front doors are a first step to sealing the gap between care expectations in a digital age and how healthcare providers have traditionally interacted with their consumers. But, as Gartner noted in their article, there is still a need to provide a holistic experience that accounts for multiple experiences beyond digital occurrences. To help bridge the gap, Gartner recommends healthcare organizations make investments in platform technology to harness the power of data and deliver on consumer needs.

Technology that unifies all data and experiences in one area can drive consumers to fill care gaps and increase care utilization. Push notifications and in-app reminders notify individuals when appointments, such as their annual visit, should be scheduled. Our Connected Health platform helps consumers find a time with their primary care provider or alternative in-network provider, digitally or in-person, to receive care. Once care has been received, providers can send post-care surveys directly in-app and consumers can view lab outcomes, vitals, care plan instructions, and more. We live in a world where we all regularly receive notifications to our mobile calendars for virtual meetings starting soon; it is no surprise that there is a desire for healthcare providers to send reminders when it’s time to schedule an appointment and assist along the journey.

Gartner highlights integrations and the need for data to “flow freely across solutions and touchpoints to optimize the patient experience” as an obstacle for digital front door solutions. b.well’s unique platform allows consumers to connect and access all of their health data in one place powered by back-end connectivity utilizing FHIR data standards. Once health devices, allergies, diagnoses, medications, vitals, care plans, etc. are connected within b.well, a consumer can easily access all of their health data from a single location.

Solutions like the b.well platform empower individuals to put trust back into their healthcare provider and educate themselves on their own health data. Not only is the Connected Health Platform a solution for those who seek digital front doors, but also an intelligent engine of hyper-personalized data that proactively engages consumers and helps make healthcare simpler.

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