The Importance of a Unified Consumer Experience

Patients today are not just patients but also consumers who expect a healthcare experience as convenient and personalized as their online shopping experience. The research study “The Future of Patient Experience: Unifying Interactions in Healthcare” highlights the importance of unifying interactions in healthcare to provide a better experience. According to the study, 76% of patients believe that a unified patient experience is important, and 83% are willing to share their data to achieve it.

By prioritizing effective communication, convenient access to services, and personalized care, healthcare organizations can create a more unified experience that makes consumers feel valued and invested in their healthcare journey. This can lead to better engagement, improved health outcomes, and lower healthcare costs. So, if leaders want to inspire lifelong loyalty in their communities, it’s important to focus on these key areas and provide a more unified patient experience.

How b.well Connected Health’s Platform Can Help

At b.well Connected Health, we understand the importance of delivering a unified consumer experience in healthcare. We believe that healthcare organizations must adopt a consumer-centric approach that prioritizes the interoperability of all consumer health data to provide a truly personalized and engaging experience that meets the expectations of today’s consumers.

To achieve a unified patient experience, healthcare providers must first break down silos and integrate their technology systems. b.well Connected Health’s platform offers a solution to eliminating data fragmentation by providing direct integration with client EMRs, and third-party systems by leveraging the Patient Right of Access (PROA) APIs to provide freedom for individuals to connect and retrieve their health data from a growing library of national provider organizations, health plans, outpatient labs, and wearable device apps.

Once health data connections are established, all collected data is standardized in the FHIR data model and aggregated into a single comprehensive record for each individual user, making data actionable and easy to analyze. Healthcare organizations can provide consumers access to a complete view of their health information, regardless of where the data is stored or which system it is in. In addition, this longitudinal health record empowers consumers to make proactive, informed decisions for themselves and their families.

With data security a top concern in the market for both organizations and consumers, the b.well Connected Health platform applies an FHIR-based consent management framework to ensure proper governance of each piece of information before applying intelligence or enabling sharing. By placing consent management into a centralized location, b.well clients can build trust with their consumers and simplify consent management processes.

b.well Connected Health’s Consumer Experience

The b.well platform offers a seamless consumer experience by consolidating data from various individual point solutions and other consumer-facing applications into a single pane of glass, eliminating the hassle of logging into multiple portals. The platform also provides enhanced machine learning that enables individuals to easily take the next best action toward better care for themselves and their families.

This includes features such as:

  • Health Summary: A summary of the individual’s health information, including their medical history, allergies, medications, lab results, and more.
  • Insurance Summary: Insurance information, including coverage, deductibles, and copays.
  • Digital Wallet: A secure location to store critical health-related documents, such as insurance cards and vaccination records.
  • Surveys & Assessments: A configurable survey and assessment engine to better understand health and receive personalized recommendations.
  • Health Circle: Individuals can share their health information with family members and caretakers through managed consent.
  • Enhanced Provider Search: Families can easily search for healthcare providers based on criteria such as location, specialty (through natural-language processing), and insurance carrier.
  • Integrated Scheduling: A convenient way to book in-person or telehealth appointments directly from the platform with healthcare providers.
  • Digital Identity Management: A suite of integrated solutions with varying levels of identity verification to establish that a user is trustworthy

By leveraging b.well Connected Health’s platform, healthcare organizations can break down data silos and integrate their technology systems to provide a unified experience accelerating the transition to value-based care and reinforcing the expansion of hybrid care models. The platform’s consumer experience component provides enhanced tools to help consumers easily view, share, and manage health-related information, motivating consumers to take the next best action. As a result, healthcare organizations can improve satisfaction and outcomes by adopting a consumer-centric approach and using technology to support a seamless consumer experience.

Join us on our mission to simplify healthcare, one person at a time.